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Please note on certain generations of cars there was a turbocharger actuator revision. If your vehicle is not in the drop down box please select "Car Not Listed" and fill out comment box at check out with: Make/Model/Year

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VAG 2.0 / 1.8TSI EA888.3 MQB TTE485 IS20 UPGRADE TURBOCHARGER  TTE485 is our... more
Product information "TTE485 IS20 UPGRADE TURBOCHARGER"


TTE485 is our very latest hybrid performance upgrade turbocharger based on the Original IHI IS20 turbocharger for the 3rd generation VAG 2.0TSI found in the VW Golf 7 GTI and many others.  The IS20 turbo hybrid that thinks its an IS38 hybrid.  TTE485 Offers Stage 3 IS38 hybrid power, with great spool and response. We feel this is the best performing sub-500hp IS20 hybrid available on offer today.

Engineered & Enhanced  EA888 Gen 3 - IS20

To construct a TTE485 we change the original compressor and employ a far larger and more efficient billet wheel with extended tip technology and mill the compressor cover to the optimum gap to match the new compressor profile. We replace the original IS20 turbine and CNC mill the turbine housing to install a larger lightweight 9 blade turbine for greater gas flow.  We also replace the original thrust bearing for the TTE upgrade 360 deg that is made in-house. 

We also fit our TTE CNC silencer delete. Modifying the turbo discharge silencer, removing the original baffle internals and fitting a new straight-through section, removing any restriction and its function as a noise-canceling device, and so improving the flow and enhancing the sound.

The 9 Blade TTE turbine is a special turbine designed by TheTurboEngineers.  Advantages are greater gas flow, reducing back pressure, and lowering exhaust gas temperatures, allowing safer higher boost levels. This turbine is extremely light in mass so giving a reduced moment of inertia, meaning fast spool up for the size.



Precisely balancing our turbochargers is a key critical factor to become a TTE upgrade unit as longevity and performance are paramount. Good balance improves acoustics also. Subsequent great care is taken with all TTE turbochargers to achieving our balance standards. Firstly parts are balanced at slow speeds up to 2800RPM in multiple planes using our single parts machine, then components are assembled, and then the CHRA are dynamically balanced, but this time depending on the application at up to 250,000 RPM in multiple planes using our in house VSR machine to acquire the ultimate equilibrium, to a standard far higher than OEM. Each turbocharger is supplied with a serial numbered balance test result document.


Product Highlights:

  • Original Genuine IS20 IHI turbocharger as the base part
  • Original Genuine actuator
  • Original Genuine diverter valve
  • TTE Billet Milled compressor 6+6 Blade with Extended Tip
  • TTE High-Flow Low- Mass 9 Blade Turbine
  • TTE CNC milled OEM silencer delete
  • TTE Reinforced bearing pack
  • Plug & Play installation (on early modal golf 7r 2014-16 actuator lead might need an extension)
  • 480+HP Proven on 102Ron (450+ on 99Ron proven)
  • Proven TheTurboEngineers quality
  • Single parts finely balanced then components assembled and core high-speed VSR balanced
  • Supplied with a balance test result document
  • Made in Germany

Please check out our TTE HEAT SHIELD ISOLATION ADD-ON option that’s available.  


Vehicle Selection: Please note on certain generations of cars there was a turbocharger actuator revision.  Please let us know in the comments box at check out: model & year 

Please note if sending a used turbocharger for the upgrade process.  TTE does not recondition the Electronic actuator or Diverter you send. Your sent items will be re-installed.  IS20 Turbo must be sent complete(actuator, silencer) Do not send your diverter valve.  IT IS RECOMMENDED A NEW DIVERTER VALVE IS FITTED 


Seat Cupra 290 MTR PERFORMANCE software (102Ron at 1.7Bar 478HP)

 photo TTE485 IS20_zps0rqzwjqo.jpg 

Audi S1 Quattro 2.0 TFSI 

Setup: TTE485 IS20 hybrid, Wagner intercooler, REVO intake & turbo elbow, HPFP Autotech, Oil Catch can, Oil Cooler, Upgrade clutch

Parts supplied by DYNAPARTS 

Ecu software options: C2 motorsport software

[​IMG] stage 3 switchable maps
Pop & bang activated on dynamic mod only
Map 1 95 RON 387hp 503 Nm
Map 2 102 RON 480hp 594 Nm




Important Upgrade Turbocharger Information - Sending Your Turbocharger - Click Here

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